What Impact is Your Emotional State Having on You?

Are you feeling anxious, sad, frustrated, low self-esteem, stressed?

Our emotional well-being is paramount when it comes to being healthy physically and mentally.  Most of us experience difficult emotions from time to time and our intelligent bodies can deal with this and quickly find homeostasis again.  But, when we have experienced what our system perceives as Trauma then things do not heal so easily and anything that seems similar to that trauma, even if the experience is quite minor, will compound the inner discord that has been created.

I would like to help you to dissolve those phobias, fears, and insecurities, to painlessly move away from old patterns of anger, blame and self-doubt. Even physical problems can have their roots in a troubled emotional energy system.

In a safe and confidential environment we can find the root causes of dis-ease, free yourself from inner restrictions, and move on with your life finding optimism and confidence once again…