Looking forward

Posted on 20th September 2017

Along with my granddaughter Bronte Rawlingson, we are really looking forward to our next workshop “STRESS – LESS PARENTING” this will be in the new year date to be advised. Parenting can be so stressful and trying to support your children through these tough times can be an emotional roller coaster….

Previous workshops have been very powerful and there have been some significant positive shifts in how people feel about themselves and their lives. Seeing some of those restrictive thought patterns just dissolve away is such a joy, which is felt by everyone in the group.

I think we can easily imagine that everyone else is doing just fine and coping with everything in their lives and in these sessions it seems to be a relief when we realise that we all have our insecurities and self-doubts and coming together to tap on these issues has a real feeling of supporting and being supported both by the technique and each other!

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