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I went with a willing heart, an open mind and knots of anxiety and depressed thoughts.
After experiencing the treatment I left with my negative emotions and thoughts transformed into positive, feeling empowered and optimistic.

I did as you suggested tapping on my daughter for about three days,  I felt uncomfortable doing it and saying "I'm a great girl' when she had done something wrong. So I just left it to give myself thinking time about it. But miraculously she stopped hitting!! I left it all this time to see if she would start up again but she has not.

After those few 'thinking days' I decided it was ok to say "I'm a great girl" because it seemed to meet a need of reassuring her that she's loved all the time. I used it in different situations with her after that.  I have used it a few times with my son as well, when he was scared, and when we argued. It makes him smile and laugh, and that's lovely.

So thank you very much it has been a wonderful help. I also saw you with your granddaughter on a video interview, which was also helpful and inspiring.

You guys are great!

My EFT sessions with Silva are always so transformational. She holds the space with such compassion and whatever arises is either released or aligned for optimal well-being. I highly recommend booking a session.

I found my three EFT sessions with Silva nothing short of profound. Each time, I left feeling healed of something, freed from it. I've had many types of bodywork and energywork and this is very special. Silva too, is very special... any amount of time with her feels like a gift for the spirit. She has wonderful warmth and empathy and a beautiful humour that lifts the heart, even if it's bruised or broken. I couldn't recommend her or her work highly enough.

I had two sessions of EFT with Silva and had a real breakthrough. Very comfortable environment, the perfect setting for your way forward.

My feelings of worry and anxiety before my operation were beginning to overwhelm me. In a safe and comforting environment, Silvia was able to guide me through my emotions reducing the intensity and leaving me feeling in control. The results were instant and lasting and went far beyond my expectations.